Arizona Spring Break

Hey there everyone!

Oh my gosh this week in the sun has been the most amazing time of my life! I finally have this healthy glow from being sun kissed & I have been smiling ear to ear because of the warm weather. No complaints from this trip! It was a last minute decision to go to Arizona & visit my family. I rarely ever get to spend some one on one time with my aunts and mom so it was so amazing to be able to see them & catch up on everything! The trip as a whole was supposed to be just a relaxation period, so a lot of the days that I spent in Tempe were based around sunshine & reading! No complaints from this girl!


The trip down was actually pretty quick! While I waited I enjoyed a warm cup of coffee & worked on writing content! Once I boarded the plane it was all smooth sailing to Tempe, Arizona. On the plane, I rested & watched some of my favorite Netflix shows that i downloaded. I have acquired new found love for flying & I can’t wait to do more of it as I adventure more!

Once I landed, I had been exhausted because I had driven back to Detroit from Grand Rapids at 6 am and then hadn’t stopped moving til I had made it to my aunts house in Arizona. This is one of the great things about having family that lives somewhere, I didn’t need to worry about finding a hotel or having to pay for extra nights! It’s the perfect scenario. I was there with my aunt and uncle by myself for a few days before my mom and aunt came to join the party! Before they arrived, the first day was spent outside in the sun, reading & relaxing. It was the perfect start to an amazing week!

The following day was a little cooler outside, so we decided to travel to downtown Phoenix & attend a Native American festival at the Herd Museum! It was a lot of fun! There was dancing, singing, art and so much culture in one area. We walked around to the many booths that artisans had set up to sell their artwork, ate green chile tacos & gelato, and soaked in the fun loving atmosphere!




Loving the Salted Carmel & Coffee Gelato! 

A lot of the days that I was in Arizona were full of relaxing & reading by the pool. It’s not that I didn’t want to run around and do activities, but with the craziness of school sometimes it’s just nice to sit & relax with a good book and just enjoy the beautiful weather! It was lovely to ease into my morning with a cup of coffee, some amazing breakfast cooked by my aunt & the shining sun! After my mom had arrived to Tempe, we spent the next day doing some shopping at some local stores & boy did we find some great things! We found lots of shoes & some cute pieces for spring which I cannot wait to wear when Michigan finally warms up. The rest of the day we spent by the pool & catching up with family. My mom’s side of the family is more spread out throughout the US so when we finally have some time together, we take advantage of it!


My aunt had arrived the following night! All of us ladies were there together & it felt so good! Besides doing our everyday laying by the pool, we decided to explore downtown Tempe, grab some lunch & shop around! Catching a theme of this vacation yet? Tempe is home to the college ASU, so needless to say I was surrounded by a lot of college students & bars as we walked around. We spent some time exploring the campus along with the downtown area! The day was gorgeous! Sun was shining & there was a lovely breeze so there was not much dry heat bringing us down. After doing some shopping & chatting with the locals we decided to grab lunch at this organic european restaurant! OMG IT WAS AMAZING! Everything that was made was organic & made in house which was super refreshing. I had a caprese salad (YUM) & a half of a cubano sandwich! Everyone ordered something different so we could all have a little bite & once again everything tasted great! After being stuffed from our lunch, we headed back to the house & hung out at the house.






The last morning I spent in Arizona we went to go take a tour at the Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin West home! It was amazing how much detail there was throughout the house & all the little inventions that he created to make the house unique was just incredible. There was also so many personal touches that he included which made you feel as if you were actually a part of the memory. It was a beautiful morning to tour the home & I’m so happy that we ended up going to tour! I won’t give away too much of the tour so if you are ever in Arizona, I absolutely recommend that you go take this tour (even if you aren’t into architecture) because it’s amazing to be inside a piece of history!


We had to stop for some fresh coffee & a pastry! 






Overall this trip was EXACTLY what I needed! It was great to see family that I don’t have the luxury of seeing all the time & being able to sit and relax was just the perfect way to use my spring break time. I hope to share many more of my adventures with you! Have a great rest of your week & I will be talking to you all soon!

Sending Positive Vibes,












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