21st Birthday + What I Have Learned

Hey there everyone!

I’m sorry I have been MIA lately, but this past week was crazy busy with assignments & projects! However, the day has FINALLY come, yesterday was my 21st Birthday!! I have been waiting for this day for so long & it’s crazy that I am finally stepping into this new life. Honestly, I don’t feel that much different besides the fact that I can now drink legally, but nonetheless, I am still very excited! Over these past 21 years, there has been so much that I have learned & I am excited to share these lessons with all of you!



  1. Eat what you want I don’t want you to think that I am encouraging you to binge junk food and eat whatever you want. Something that I have learned throughout the past few years is that it’s okay for you to eat what you want in moderation. Don’t hold yourself back from eating that slice of pizza or down that Qdoba bowl. Don’t starve yourself for the sake of trying to be skinny.
  2. There is power in positive thinking ~ There is so much strength in positive thinking which is something that I have come to realize within the past year. I was never super negative, but I would sometimes dwell on something for a long time & become this negative person that I didn’t want to be, so I focus more now on trying to stay positive even if things aren’t going as planned.
  3. Just do it ~ Thanks NIKE for this inspirational phrase! I tend to still be a little over-thinker, but something that I have learned is that overthinking can stop me from pursuing my own dreams because I am so afraid of failing. I’ve learned to just go with my gut & chase my dreams without fear.
  4. Wear what you want to wearWear what makes you comfortable & confident! If you want to wear sweats and a t-shirt or dress up go ahead. Whatever gives you the confidence to go out and be the best version of you when you wear it!
  5. Find your own beliefsLife is all about finding your own path and forming your own beliefs. Growing up you believe what your parents believe, now that I am older I am able to form my own opinions & stand by them.
  6. Laugh alwaysLife can be stressful enough & sometimes all you can do is laugh. I am always willing to laugh at myself whenever I make a silly mistake or whenever I’m clumsy (which is always). Life is too short not to laugh a little bit.
  7. Be yourselfFor the longest time, I was always trying to be something I’m not. I’ve grown a lot since then and I realize that being myself is always the best option. Be weird & never be afraid to let your freak flag fly!
  8. Friends come & go, but that’s OKThroughout my 21 years I have had friends that have stuck by my side since the beginning & friends that have left, but you know what, that’s alright. Not all friends are meant to stay, but you end up finding friends that are a better match for your personality.
  9. Enjoy the time you have with the people around youYou never know when the last time you will have with people in your life. So make sure to make the most out of the time you have with them.
  10. Failure is inevitableOdds are you are going to fail at many things in your life. I’m sure my failures now are just the beginning of what’s to come. Whenever failure comes your way, you need to take it & learn from it. Who knows, it may help you re-evaluate some things in your life.
  11. Treat everyone how you would want to be treatedNeed I say more?
  12. Love yourselfThis is something I have been preaching in my blogs lately is to just love yourself no matter what. You need to learn how to accept yourself and learn to love your beautiful self the way you are!
  13. If you don’t like something, then change itIf you are not happy with something in your life, then don’t be afraid to go ahead and change it! No sense in having to live with something you can’t don’t want to so, don’t be afraid to change
  14. Save moneyOne day you will need it.
  15. Beauty is skin deepBeing the most beautiful person (physically) in the entire world means nothing if you have a bad personality. If you have a good personality & are nice to people, then you will go far.
  16. Everything happens for a reasonI am a firm believer that everything that happens in my life, or someone else’s, happens for a reason. So next time don’t get down on yourself about something not going the way you want it to because it was supposed to be a part of your life to teach you a lesson.
  17. Don’t judge a book by its coverWe need to stop judging people by their appearance and start taking the time to get to know the person that they are on the inside.
  18. Follow your heart ~ Don’t be afraid to take that leap of faith and dive into a new adventure. Instead of overthinking, follow your heart and I promise it will lead you into the direction you want to go in.
  19. Study Hard ~ No explanation needed.
  20. You are your first priority ~ Your family & friends should always be a priority for you, but you should always try to make yourself a priority. Your health, happiness, and everything about you should come first.
  21. Have Fun ~ Above everything else, remember to have fun & never take life too seriously. You only have one life so live every day to the fullest & just have fun with your life!

Holy cow, I am 21 years old! It is crazy how much I have learned & how much I am still learning to this day. None of us will ever stop growing & learning new lessons so be open to learning more every day and taking these lessons with you as you grow & change in the following years. I hope you all have an amazing rest of your week & I cannot wait to talk to you all again real soon!

Sending Positive Vibes, 

Hannah Rose 










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