Winter Basics!

Hey there everyone!

This past week has been SO  crazy with classes and searching for internships but I am so excited to be sharing this newest post with you all! I wanted to take some time today & go back to basics! Basic clothing pieces are the foundation to the overall success of one’s closest. They are versatile, chic & comfortable! Basic pieces make it easy to play around with them and make an even bigger statement when highlighted correctly. For college students, such as myself, we are always on the run from class to class OR class to work. So, having basic pieces in our wardrobe can make it easy for you to get ready quicker while keeping that chic style that you love!

Today I wanted to share 3 of my favorite basic looks that you can rock this winter season! (I put together the basic pieces that I own and made full outfits out of them. These pieces can be mixed & matched in so many ways!)




This outfit is one of my personal favorites! It’s super simple and comfortable, which is super important when it comes to being on the go. The sweater and jeans look is a classic & you can pair it with almost anything! One of the colors that always seems to work well for me is the olive green color (which I absolutely love) because of my skin tone! This look can pair well with everything. You can add a scarf, a necklace, a jacket, the possibilities are endless!





This is another very simple & classic look for college girls everywhere! I am a huge fan of over-sized sweaters and jeans. They are the perfect combination for those chilly days or nights in. This is another perfect outfit that you can pair with almost anything. Since it is so flipping cold outside, I tend to pair these outfits you see with a scarf of jacket over it. Feel free to experiment and try some new things!




Speaking of oversized sweaters, check out this one! This is one of those looks that is a little less basic, but can still be worn in multiple ways. I love the basic black look paired with the long sweater! You can really pair any top underneath this sweater because it is so versatile. I tend to like the look of basic black with a burgundy sweater but, like I said it’s good to experiment!

I love basic pieces, because it gives you the freedom to pick and choose multiple items and pair them together in unique ways! I hope some of these looks give you some inspiration for your own wardrobe! What are some of your favorite pieces that you can’t live without?? I’d love to hear about them. I hope you all have a fabulous week with no stress & full of love!

Sending Positive Vibes, 

Hannah Rose












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